The Aims and Objectives of CEDO Trust

Conservation of environment, natural habitats, and the native flora and fauna, through on-ground work and local awareness.

Nature conservation in Kutch through afforestation of native plant species, mainly in schools and natural areas.

Conducting one day awareness camps for the village schools.

Activities carried out by the CEDO Trust.

  • Safe drinking water for the School students and teachers of Kutch ;
  • So far we have successfully installed 175 R.O. Filter plants in Kutch, through the benevolent support of donors. At least 25000 village students are getting safe drinking water though this initiative.
  • The water quality is 5 to 8 times worse than the permissible limits for consumption recommended by W.H.O. (World Health Organization).
  • Such water quality can cause several diseases and ailments. The TDS in the filter water is kept at such a level that the students and teachers do get the required mineral intake, while being safe from Fluorosis, Kidney stones and other such water-related disease.
  • The school teachers say that the safe drinking water has resulted in good health of students and thus better attendance in schools.

Tree Plantation and Awareness.

  • We have successfully raised about 30000 trees in over 50 villages so far. Plantation of Salvadora persica (Miswak or Piloodi) and Acacia nilotica, Cordia rothii, has been done in thorn forest and wastelands.
  • Plants are provided at the schools. The students take utmost interest and care. They plant the saplings with the help of teachers and take responsibility for watering and caring for the plants.
  • Students and teachers of more than 50 villages have made their schools and villages green by planting many trees.
  • The teachers also conduct classes under the cool shade of these trees occasionally.
  • We have organized many talks in local schools for wildlife awareness.
  • We have organized 150 one-day nature education camps in the past 13 years. The Schools involved are local primary schools of over 25 villages e.g. Sukhpur, Moti Virani, Hirapar Todiya, Varemseda etc.
  • Many slide shows were organized in Schools and colleges.
  • Several articles and photographs on the conservation of wildlife of Kutch have appeared in reputed magazines, scientific journals and local newspapers including Kutchmitra daily news paper.
  • Through the Internet medium like the India Nature watch INW, Oriental Bird Club UK, and other social media the message and awareness of flora and fauna conservation of Kutch is being regularly posted. A great response of which is being received.

Portable Solar light distribution to needy nomadic cattle herders:.

  • 350 Solar lights have been given to nomadic cattle herders living in remote and wild locations. Such nomadic cattle herders live most of their lives in such areas along with their families.
  • Such lights can run for 4-5 hours on a full charge, and are very useful in the night in their nomadic settlements. The cattle herders can also charge their mobile phones using the battery backup, which comes helpful when calling an ambulance in the case of a health emergency.

Future Plans of CEDO Trust.

CEDO is now 13 years old and we have faced many challenges and hardships.

  • Based on our work we feel that we can have a permanent Nature education and Tree plantation program.
  • Funding is the main limiting factor in doing so.
  • Many School teachers and Students are eagerly waiting for our one-day nature education camps for their schools.
  • We are in need of corpus fund that can assist us to carry out atleast 50 nature education camps in a year.
  • A ‘Green’ bus (capacity approx. 30) is required.
  • Plant transportation and students program both can be managed by this.

We look forward to the help of CSR of nature-friendly companies or individuals who can understand and help the work we are doing in the remote area of Kutch.



CEDO Trust Regd E/2116 Kutch with permanent 80 G is devoted to promote Eco tourism, Wildlife conservation and Nature education in Kutch. Our goal is simple – to make the world a better place. We work hard everyday to do our part.

Your much-needed Donation will go to support

  • Native flora afforestation in Kutch.
  • Nature education in Kutch.
  • Safe drinking water for village School students – so far we have installed 54 RO filter plants in 54 Schools.
  • Solar lights for Nomadic cattle grazers.

* All your donations get tax benefits.

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