Birds of Special Interest

Best time to visit us in Kutch, Gujarat is November to March.
For Lesser Floricans and passage migrants July-August is the best time.
For Green Avadavat and hill birds of Mount Abu April to June is the best time.

S. No.Names of the Birds
1Grey Hypocolius
2White-naped Tit
3White-browed Bush Chat (Stoliczka's Bush Chat)
4Indian Bustard, Macqueen's Bustard
5Lesser Florican (in monsoon)
6Marshall's Iora
7Sykes Crested lark
8Sykes's Nightjar
9Hoopoe Lark
10Common Cranes (at least 30, 000 around Chhari-Dhand)
11Raptor's Steppe, Tawny, Greater Spotted, Booted, Bonelli's and Imperial Eagles, Long-legged Buzzard, Short-toed Snake Eagle, Kestrels, Redheaded Falcon, Lagger Falcon, Honey Buzzard, Short-eared Owl, Indian Eagle Owl
12Crab Plover
13Whitebellied Minivet
14Painted Sandgrouse
15Indian Courser
16Chestnut-bellied Sandgrouse
17White-rumped Vulture
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