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CIN : U74999GJ2016PTC093414
Date of Incorporation : Aug 18, 2016
Registration Number : 93414
RoC : RoC-Ahmedabad


Salvadora Greens Eco-consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is a for-profit initiative, established to propagate and preserve native plants and strengthen the native green cover of Kutch and other arid lands of Gujarat and Rajasthan.

It was established keeping in mind the growth of global warming, the escalation of water scarcity all around the world, decreasing native green cover in areas such as Kutch and the need to restore and propagate native plants which are ecologically beneficial to humans and other creatures alike.

The basic idea is to combine the concept of tree afforestation with the scientific knowledge and approach of ecology, so that the result is environmentally sustainable, beneficial and long lasting.

We exclusively utilize plant species that are native to Kutch. We believe in poly-cultural plantations that emulate nature and do not use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides to boost growth.

We offer customized services for Individuals, Corporate Institutions and other Institutions.

  • Greenery in arid lands such as sandy or stony land having low soil quality.
  • Greenery in saline land having high soil salinity.
  • Birds and butterfly friendly forests that are long lived and chemical free.
  • Greenery patches for Organic Farmhouses that improve the soil quality, and support butterflies and bees that increase crop productivity.
  • Greenery patches and green barriers for reduction of air pollution-particulate and dust pollution; and reduction of noise pollution.
  • Organic greenery cover for broad and varied purposes including as a private nature retreat, household greenery: bird habitat, local arid-land eco-restoration, compensatory afforestation etc.

  • Native trees need much less water and care, resulting in savings of money and time.
  • Native trees are best suited to the local edaphic and climatic conditions.
  • Native trees are hardy and long living. The future generations can enjoy the benefits and appreciate and care for the natural world.
  • Native trees reduce carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, thus helping you combat climate change.
  • Native trees have varied shades of green color. Being in the presence of the trees and seeing their green color is said to increase relaxation, tranquility and calmness.
  • Native trees in natural diverse growth produce more oxygen. A thousand trees in a year produce oxygen sufficient for approx 2000 people.
  • Native trees cool the local environ by providing shade and shelter.
  • Native trees reduce rainwater runoff and increase water percolation into the ground through their well spread root network.
  • Native trees reduce soil erosion though air and water by holding the precious top soil with their root network.
  • Native trees support a plethora of birds and animals.

About the Founding Directors

Jugal Tiwari

Jugal Tiwari is a Post-Graduate in Zoology. He has 30 years of experience working in the field of Ecology and Eco-Restoration in Arid and Saline areas, in National, International Nature Research and Conservation Institutes like:

Bombay Natural History Society
Seawater Foundation

He has mainly worked in Kutch, and also in other parts of India, abroad in Eritrea (Africa), Arizona (USA) and Mexico.

Shivam Tiwari

Shivam Tiwari is the son of Jugal Tiwari.

He is a Graduate in Marine Science and a Post-Graduate in Environmental Sciences with special interest in Ecology.

He is interested in Nature and Wildlife Film-making. He also contributes articles in Nature magazines.

He keeps writing Ornithological research papers and articles on the Natural History of Kutch.

Note :

  • Initial contact to be done only on email or phone number.
  • Preliminary meeting if necessary, for genuinely interested persons to be held at our centre only by prior appointment.
  • Upon mutual consensus, after understanding the location, requirements and needs, an on-site survey will be done.
  • The on-site survey will take into consideration the local edaphic conditions, the water quality, the local topography, the requirements, and the best possible plan will be fixed.

Our Nursery


Jugal Tiwari : +91 98252 48135 | Shivam Tiwari : +91 85119 81245 | E-Mail : [email protected]

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